2009 USIH Conference

Theme Then And Now

The Second Annual U.S. Intellectual History Conference is being organized by the editors of the U.S. Intellectual History (USIH) weblog in coordination with CUNY’s Center for the Humanities (The Graduate Center).

The theme for 2009 is “Then And Now.” The “Now” aspect of the theme invites papers tracing the outlines and intellectual roots of contemporary ideas, institutions, and significant thinkers. “Then” invites both works in U.S. intellectual history broadly conceived and historiographic analyses of U.S. intellectual history—a timely topic with 2009 marking the 30-year anniversary of John Higham and Paul K. Conkin’s landmark edited collection of essays, New Directions in American Intellectual History. We seek fresh, interdisciplinary scholarship exploring either new subjects or innovative methodologies in relation to U.S. intellectual life. The potential for inter-disciplinary work honors the mission of this year’s host, The Center for the Humanities. Finally, while “Then and Now” constitutes our vision for 2009, feel free to inquire about departures.

Conference headquarters will be The Center for the Humanities in CUNY’s Graduate Center. Suggestions for nearby hotel accommodations will be available at a continuously updated USIH link after the new year.

Please address all inquiries and abstracts to: Paul Murphy ([email protected]) or Tim Lacy ([email protected]).

2009 Conference Committee