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Announcing the S-USIH Salon

I am so excited to announce a new series-the Society for US Intellectual History Salon. Each month we will read a book or article together for discussion. We will announce the reading material about a month ahead of the anticipated “due date.” We hope as many of you will join us in our reading as possible, but don’t feel like you can’t participate without reading the book!

On the scheduled due date, I will post my own response to the book and will post responses from other USIH bloggers and (I hope) responses submitted from readers as they come in. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we might post an interview with an author, or a scholar who studies the author of the book! We do hope to offer a diverse range-some synthesis, some biog

raphies, some primary texts! And please feel free to offer any suggestions-we are really open to anything involving US intellectual history-and we hope to push the boundaries of the field while discussing these texts.

The first book we will discuss, with a posting date of November 1st, will be Ibram Kendi’s Stamped From the Beginning. This is SUCH an important book, and lots of us haven’t made time to read it yet. Dr. Kendi has also agreed to sit for an interview to be posted on the site sometime this month!

Each week I will post a few discussion points (which I hope you will respond to in the comments!) to help guide the reading! Feel free to ignore or participate as you see fit. And then on November 1st, I will write a reflective post on the book and the real discussion will begin.

We hope to get our already veryactive readers and bloggers to really jump into discussing important works of intellectual history.

We are really excited about it , and we hope you are too.