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milt and dip his confOn May 7, 2013, the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion at Oregon State University will host a conference on American Military and Diplomatic History.  Christopher McKnight Nichols, a member of the 2013 S-USIH conference committee, is a co-editor of The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Military and Diplomatic History and a chief organizer of the conference that will showcase the publication of this volume.

Read more about it at the conference website.  For now, here is a snippet: This conference will bring together international and U.S.-based scholars to offer new perspectives on the historical and contemporary relationship between the United States and the world. The daylong event features scholars from three continents and draws on experts from OSU’s School of History, Philosophy, and Religion, as well as from political science and public policy. It will address a wide variety of scholarly accounts and innovative interpretations of American military and diplomatic history, 1776-present, and seeks to engage the OSU and Corvallis communities in discussions about the pressing international challenges that the U.S. and the world face today.