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The Book Review Editor’s Desk: A Call For Reviewers

I was thinking about another long post today on Rick Santorum and his thought in relation Catholic intellectual history, but decided I’m tired of the topic. I don’t think it’s polemical to say that noting his inconsistencies, Catholic and otherwise, historical and presently, is akin to shooting ducks in a barrel.

So post number one for today comes from “Tim Lacy, USIH Book Review editor.” [And now I put on my fedora with the long feather—think Steve Martin in *The Jerk* after he obtains his riches from the opti-grab.]

I want to build up the USIH book review editor’s database. With that, if you’re interested in contributing to our illustrious review page (and it’s more distinguished than you might at first think), send me an e-mail with:

1. Your name;
2. Your institutional affiliation. If you are fortunate enough to have a link for a faculty page, send it;
3. Your USIH specialties (don’t just say “intellectual and cultural history”). And, finally,
4. A copy of your most abbreviated CV.

That’s it! Here’s my address: timothy.n.lacy-AT-gmail.com. – TL