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2011 USIH conference CFP: proposed panel on gender and conservatism

Today I received the first request to find other potential panelists for this year’s conference, in advance of the June 15 submission deadline. Keep them coming!

Information about the 2011 USIH conference is available here.

I am working on a paper that I’d like to submit to this year’s conference, and have two different ideas as to how a panel might frame it.

My paper analyzes the construction of a conservative ideology by the leaders of the Daughters of the American Revolution in the 1920s and 1930s. I argue that the conservative, gendered tropes combined by interwar DAR leaders were very similar to the conservative ideology most historians describe coming together only after World War II.

The panel that I envision including such a paper could take either of two directions. One approach would be to concentrate on American conservative ideology before World War II. Another angle that would work well would be one that considered conservative women activists and/or gendered arguments in American conservatism.

I am interested in other papers that could be grouped with mine, as well as a chair/commentator. Anyone who is interested in either panel approach should please contact me at the address below. The deadline is June 15, so please respond ASAP.

Adam Laats
Assistant Professor, Education and History
alaats [at] binghamton dot edu