S-USIH Minutes 7.14.2014

S-USIH Conference Call, July 14, 2014, 2-3:45pm

Present: Lisa Szefel (treasurer 13-14), Kevin Schutz (treasurer 14-15), Dan Wickberg (president, 13-14, 14-15), Andrew Hartman (conference chair, 2015), Michele Rosen (chair of publications committee 13-14), Mark Edwards (conference co-chair 2014), Ray Haberski (secretary 13-14, 14-15), Tim Lacy (chair of publications committee 14-15)

Not present: Cara Burnidge (conference co-chair, 2014)

Dan: introduced agenda and moved to the Conference update

Conference Update: Mark Edwards

Acceptance notices out last week

Program is done in spreadsheet form and turn that into a formal program by end of the month

Number of individual papers turned into panels

Times slots are being worked out

Did not turn anyone down

29 panels—8 panels assembled, some with only two papers

21 complete panels submitted

No one has been notified of time slots yet, though they are considering particular slots now

Cara writes it up, Mark looks it over, and Ray will send it out to excom

Lisa: question about the format of the book award

Mark opened up discussion about the format and offered different models

Dan: spoke to winner about the panel that would speak directly about his book, rather than a panel that would summarize many books up for the award

Kevin: the committee has not come to terms with what it will do for the conference—the books were as a whole a good look at the state of the field

Perhaps one committee meeting could do that

Winner and runner-up are not traditional intellectual history and books that folks in the society might not come across.

But the committee wants to speak about why they were drawn to these books

The decision was unanimous

Dan: would like to see the committee members speak to the winning book and perhaps have one person summarize the totality of the selection

Lisa: provisions for graduate student conference fees

Ray: Henry May fund for graduate students and the contributions from the presses

Dan: All donations need to be recognized formally for tax purposes

The actual support for graduate students was about $80-90 which covered the conference fees

Mark: 3 committee will speak about the book and the author will speak; freedom to committee to speak to the general field and the relationship to the book award winner

Will give specific instructions to the book award winner about the format

Kevin: First comm member will speak to field; second will speak to runner-up; third will speak directly to the winning book

Kevin: numbers of the conference

Andrew: 30 people paid fees and dues who were not on the program

Kevin: 120 + plenary speakers = 135-140 paying participants

Mark: should we make the Thursday night plenary a public event, might attract graduate students to the conference

Ray: Reserve a bigger room for the plenary for Thursday night

Mark: SAAP, Matter of Religion and Philosophy scheduled from Friday afternoon

Dan: Trying the establish ongoing relationship with this organization

2015 Conference: Andrew Hartman, chair—October 15-18

Hamilton Crowne Hotel, small boutique conference center

Very close to White House

Estimated costs at little over $10,000

$1500 deposit

25/50/50, must meet 90% of those room

7 conference rooms, including a large ballroom for Thursday night, Friday and Saturday

Run three pleanaries at night; keynote is Corey Robin

Can have book prize in the big room

Can fit around 200 people

Committee: Michael Kimmage, Claire Rydell, Jonathan Wilson

Junto will sponsor at least a few panels

Rydell is at Stanford and will be on the committee for 2016 conference

Hopes to get DC area universities and think tanks sponsor something

Might institutionalize the reading group that we are running this year

Starting writing up CFP by January, and promote conference at this year’s conference

Publications Committee Report: Tim Lacy (Michele Rosen rotating off committee)

Michelle: Newsletter is the most significant thing that the pub com runs, other than blog coordination

Helpful to have list of publishers and presses to contact

Kevin: we need more personal contacts with editors to make them aware of the award

Michele: email announcement to presses and editors

Dan: will get the announcement out in the fall, earlier than last year, and will get editors and presses aware of this award early

Dan has a list of contacts and names to be used for the next round

Tim: will get Michele’s report from the following year; has traded emails with Michele and Ben and Mary Ellen.

Created several subcommittees to expand the reach and action of the pub com

ME will be leaving in December as book review editor

Robert Greene will be the new book review editor

Lillian Calles Barger will be the assistant book review editor

Left door open for a third book review editor

Two co-editors for newsletter: Matthew Linton and Bryan McAllister-Grande

Wants to advertise the future conferences; promote giving opportunities; call for book award

Special projects: Andy Seal and Gregory Jones-Katz

Treasurer’s Report—Lisa Szefel (immediate past treasurer) and Kevin Schultz

Lisa went first, talking about the general health of the organization, suggesting that we finally have a surplus in our account, of roughly $20,000.

In general, the conference pays for itself, and most of this surplus comes from membership dues.

She suggested we might want to invest some of this money in a certificate of deposit so we can continue to grow this until we come up with a plan to use the money.

Kevin discussed how easy the transition had been, and thanks Lisa for her efforts, not only as an able treasurer for the past two years but also for helping make the transition go smoothly.

He discussed his interest in further raising funds through a variety of methods and probed the ExComm to begin thinking about how it might want to spend the surplus.

Dan mentioned that he would like to be informed whenever a donation came in, so he could write a personal note thanking them.

Lisa informed the ExComm that the Society had received three donations of $20 each to buttress the Henry May Fund.

Secretary’s Report: Ray Haberski

  1. Transition in web maintenance from Curtis Billue to Young Chang (IU/IAT)
    1. This transition will provide direct, sustained support for the website and development of the website
  2. Submitting grant to IUPUI library for digitization of Intellectual History Newsletter
  3. More formal understanding between IAT and S-USIH especially in terms of in-kind collaboration (admin support for S-USIH, exposure through S-USIH of IAT)

President’s Report

Book prize committee for next year is almost set

S-USIH has a slot in the 2015 OAH conference, the society will select from two proposals for that slot

Dan had set the task for this year of creating and systematizing the archives of the society

Need better, more organized system of keeping records, many of which are on email.

Need to preserve how decisions were made and votes taken

He is putting together the annual report and has requested reports from the 2013-2014 officers

As the terms run from summer to summer, he has asked that the annual report come out after the elections of new officers